Embrace the entryway

The entryway to your home offers a glimpse into what lies ahead. It’s your personal stage to set the tone for how you want your home to feel. Making it your own with your unique style will make you feel great every time you get home. It’s a space to design in a way that makes you love walking through the door every day, while at the same time using design enhancements that make it a functional space to keep things organized.

With a blend of form and function, you will offer family and friends a warm welcome, while also providing your own must-haves, like storage and hanging space. Here are some great ways to achieve a balanced, welcoming, and functional entryway to your home.

Let there be LIGHT

So much can be said with a carefully chosen light fixture or two. Start with a stylish overhead light, like a dramatic pendant, to drape the entryway with warm, glowing light. If there’s room for a table, add a lamp or set of lamps to provide another layer of light.

get smart with your art

Every entryway should have an artsy mirror. Not only are they pretty, but they’re practical in a couple of different ways. First, they offer an opportunity for that last-minute glance before dashing out the door. Second, they open up your entryway, reflecting light and space for a more inviting feel. Once you hang the perfect mirror, opt for artwork you love – it’s the first thing you and guests see when entering your home, so it should reflect your taste and sense of style. It’s nice to offer a glimpse of what’s to come in the rest of your home’s design.


If there’s enough space, having a place where you can unpack your day is a great option for any entryway. Whether it’s a seat to remove shoes, a table to place your everyday essentials, or just a small stool, let the size of your entry determine your choices. As a hidden space-saving bonus, opt for a bench or stool that lifts open to be a storage unit. For another bonus space-saver, adding a matching coat rack can save on closet space.

floor them with color

Placing a rug on the floor is one of the best ways to add color and texture—but choose carefully. You need a rug that can withstand foot traffic. When choosing your rug, consider the vertical clearance space between the bottom of your door and the floor. You don’t want your door to rub on the rug every time it opens and closes. Most of all, don’t be afraid of color. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of warmth and style, making every homecoming a happy one.

Green is the new gray

Whether you’re an urban dweller or comfy in the country, green is the new go-to shade for relaxed living everywhere.

Green is a great color for bringing a little bit of the outdoors to your indoors.

It helps to create an open and inviting feeling for your home, that’s anything but boring. Gray walls, although easy to design around, are quickly moving into a style of yesteryear. Cooler colors that have dominated contemporary homes, trendy cocktail bars, and industrial office spaces, are giving way to more fresh shades of green that can evoke feelings of comfort, all within your comfort zone.

Picking the right green for your walls, your furniture, and accessories isn’t always easy, so here are some tips for “going green” in 2018.

Know the right shade for your design goals.

Green is a gloriously flexible color option. It’s easy to go bold or tone it down. Not all colors can go both ways like that.

Source: Pinterest

For a bolder design, go with bright greens. If you want the color to speak for itself, don’t be shy. Let your wall be the burst of color you want by using a minimalist approach to how you accessorize to let it shine.

On the other hand, if neutrals are your jam, sage green is your BFF. A more neutral green is an awesome alternative to neutral colors of the past (move over whites, off whites, and grays) — and is a wonderful way to transition from a more neutrally painted room. Accessorize it up to liven up any “sage-iated“ space.

Source: Pinterest

Go green with your furniture.

You don’t have to paint to go green.

Swapping neutral-colored furniture can do the job, too! Whether it’s a chair, a sofa, or just an accent, a green piece of furniture is always pleasantly unexpected to create a truly unique room.

Look for the perfect piece and pair it with the things you love.

White… out.

The white trend is beautiful, no doubt; but, in reality it’s not as functional for real life as other design choices. You can trade the all-white look for just hints of white, surrounded by endless pops of funky freshness. Add a green wall, but maintain classic neutral whites in your trim color selection. Then throw in a colorful pair of chairs or eclectically mix up your pillows. With green, the contrast options are endless (and stunning)… not to mention whole lot easier to keep the entire room looking new (and clean)!

Don’t be afraid of patterns and textures.

A great way to introduce green into your home is by choosing furniture in different patterns of the same hue, contrasting bolder prints with more subtle shades of green and accessories.

Add other natural textures, like bamboo and lemongrass to really tie a green concept together.

With all of the options, it might not seem easy to go green, but with a few basics to get you started, the style possibilities are endless once you move beyond thinking in gray and white.



Can you believe it’s that time of year again? Well, first, the end of 2017; second, time for the release of 2018’s PANTONE®  color of the year.

The world authority on color, PANTONE® is an organization with the primary function of communicating color across a variety of industries. Pretty cool gig, huh?

Needless to say, when PANTONE® names its pick for color of the year, we listen. The yearly proclamation ultimately drives interior design trends, runway fashion, graphic design, and more.

The future is purple! 

With a bold, imaginative spirit, Ultra Violet (18-3838) will reign supreme in 2018.

The inspiration for this color choice is both philosophical and fascinating…

Photo credit: pantone.com

Thinking about such a beautiful color can certainly inspire your home fashion choices, as you imagine what is yet to come by way of your style. Simply put, It’s time to start thinking about how to work some purple vibes into your living space for 2018!

Pro-design tip: Fix smiling cushions

If your cushions are smiling, it’s not as cute as it sounds.

Cozy as they may be, all sofa and chair cushions are subject to sagging as they are used over time.

With two side-by-side cushions drooping downward, they look like they’re coming together in the shape of a smile; but when it happens, we’re really just frowning on the inside.

The good news is, there’s a simple fix to whip sagging cushions right back into just-like-new shape. Our designer, Matthew, demonstrates how to get the job done right:

Cheers to seasonal decorating!

When it comes to holiday decorating, there are two types of people: those who live for the holidays and those who aren’t looking forward to the extra work. Here are a few ideas to kick start your holiday decorating spirit, no matter how into it you are this year.

Warm your door.

The first impression is the best impression. What better place than your front door to make a cheerful one?

Adding a simple wreath adds instant personality and a welcoming vibe for guests. If you’re making your own, let your imagination run wild—or, swap the wreath for a seasonal door hanger.

Don’t forget the floor.

There are so many cute, seasonal floor mats out there. Pick one that coordinates with your door décor to take it to the next level. Add some personality by choosing one that says something about you and your home.

Santa’s Helper rug – $36

Cool style.

If it stays warm long enough, cuddling by a backyard fire pit is awesome in the late fall and early winter months. Add music and cold drinks and you’ve got yourself a party. Chilling your drinks in style will help make your guests’ holiday happiness even happier. This rustic, scrapped metal look, for instance, makes it a great conversation piece as you select your next beverage among friends.

Reindeer cooler – $192

Fluff it up.

Bringing the cheer inside can be easy as 1-2-3. Holiday-themed and colorful pillows, that is. Adding a single pillows, or groups of two and three pillows, atop your furniture is an easy way to instantly add seasonal charm to your interior design. Mix and match as much as you want to enhance the style you already have in your home.

Renegade gold pillow – $17.99


Accessorize and shine.

Accessories that are on the neutral side are the perfect way to add holiday sheen without having to go all out. There’s sophistication in subtlety, and these accents show it. Aaaand, if you let them stay up a little past the actual holidays, no problem.

Trees with star finial set of 3 – $89.99

It doesn’t have to take a miracle to make your home shine for the holidays. Adding little bits here and there can make a big difference in the coziness of your home. So… have at it with your holiday cheer!

2018 Home Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

The holiday season is officially upon us… and 2018 will be here before we know it.

As the new year rolls in, some home trends are on the way out. This little heads up on what’s going out of style will help you know what better styles you can use to replace the old and outdated.

  1. Cluttered look – OUT!
Living rooms have long been a catch-all for everything from wide coffee tables and massive TV stands to fake flower arrangements and too many tchotchkes. Create a more relaxing space by kicking the clutter to the curb in 2018.
Replace the clutter with a minimalist fashion approach. You’ll be able to relax more with less in your way.

2. Matte light fixtures – IN!
An instant way to refresh any space is to ditch dated light fixtures. Bid farewell to brass and shiny metal. Say hello to matte metals and mixed-industrial textures.
3. Floor lamps – OUT!
While we’re on the subject of lighting, taller isn’t better for 2018. See above and rethink your lighting fixtures. Bolding replacing gaudy floor lamps with chic table lamps, tabletop candles, and wall-installed lighting will be on the radar of home fashionistas everywhere.
4. Retro-contemporary – IN!
Don’t be afraid to look back to move forward in 2018. Pulling inspiration from the past is cool with wooden accents, square sofas, tweed, and funky, angled pieces. To keep a retro look current, add industrial touches, like metal accessories. You can also warm it up with pops of color, patterned pillows, and accent rugs.
5. Over-teched-up spaces – OUT!
In 2018, flat screen TVs and computers are commodities in many homes. Hence, over tech-ing up every single room is swiftly becoming old news. Keep the TV to one or two rooms, and don’t be afraid to leave a bedroom or lounge completely tech-free. After all, relaxation is always in!
Replace focusing on tech with drawing attention to any unique or custom features of the room—like a fireplace, crown moulding, built-in shelves, etc. Accessorizing with books and magazines is a cool touch that inspires cozy living.
6. Chaise lounges – IN!
Comfort is all the rage… and so is the chaise. A chaise lounge is an elongated chair, with or without arms, that allows extending your legs for a relaxing place to lay. Replace bulky pieces with streamlined style. It’s easy on the eye, and makes it easy for you to relax.
Enjoy kicking out the old and welcoming the new as you ring in 2018!

Lighten up this fall

When fall comes around, the holidays are fast approaching. Getting your space ready for entertaining can not only be fun, but can take your holiday experience to a whole new level.

One thing that’s easy to adjust is the lighting in your dining space.

This season, it’s all about inciting an industrial revolution. When it comes to lighting, industrial-chic fixtures look especially cool in the kitchen. As the heart of a home, the kitchen is always a central focus. Infusing it with plenty of light is key to making your space shine (quite literally).

Long, rectangular pendants with ceiling mounts are perfect for kitchen islands, tables, and breakfast bars. And a bonus: they’re much easier to hang than other options, like staggering pendant lights.

Mixing metal and wood works great in an all-white kitchen. Adding depth and drama, a multi-textured pendant compliments subtle tones like no other piece can.

So, as you can see, adding industrial-inspired fixtures transform a nicely done space into one that looks professionally designed—an instant mood-booster for holiday festivities. So… light it up!


Fall Blues

With summer winding down, you may find yourself itching to add some color inside your home. It can be a tricky task. Paint swatches start to look the same after countless comparisons while holding them up to your walls for the thousandth time. Choosing the right accent pieces can be overwhelming, too.

It doesn’t have to be, though. With a few simple switches, you can give your home a pulled together look with a homey, welcoming vibe.

So, what’s hot for fall? Blues!

2017 has been a great year for color, especially blue (and it’s only getting better for fall). It’s cool, calm, and collected. There are so many shades—from colors for your walls to pillows and accessories. Here are a few different ways to accent your rooms with blue for fall:

Floor them with color (and some fluff)!

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a new color in a room  is by adding a rug. Rugs (and pillows to match them) are easily interchangeable and can dramatically shape the look of a room. Add a patterned rug to your floor to liven up the entire room. Go crazy mixing different textures and layers of pillows. After all, there can never be enough fluff!

Wonder walls.

Painting your walls is a bit more complicated than adding a rug or switching pillows—but it is totally worth it. Adding a shade of blue on an accent wall sets the mood for the entire space. You can make the room warm and inviting or dark and sultry. The beauty of blue is that it works well in all spaces and can evoke the mood of your choice.

Hang it up!

One or two large pieces of abstract wall art in a range of blue hues can be calming and thought-provoking. It can bring out the best in your furniture, and make a house really feel like a home. Creating a wall collage that includes blue images with different frames, and any other pieces you love, adds your personality to any room.


Shelf the mess (and the stress).

Back to school means back to books. Everywhere.

If visions of books sprawled all over your dining room table are dancing in your head, it might be time to find some accessories to declutter and destress.

Having the right bookshelf or storage piece to properly (and fashionably) display books is a great way to add elements of function and style to your home… instead of clutter.

Not to mention, homework can be less stressful for your kids—and less messy for you—when you’re organized.

From offices and bedrooms to family rooms and living rooms, bookcases can work anywhere. Here are a few tips to have easy access to your favorite reads, while making an organized space that also shows off your style.

  1. Be open to dividing. With an open floor concept, tall and open bookcases can be used as visual room dividers.

Trishley light brown wood open faced cabinet with four shelves and storage drawer




2. Get low. Bookcases with lower drawers or cabinets are perfect for a family room. Keep books, photos, and accents in view and use the hidden storage areas to help eliminate clutter and keep your living space neat.

Starmore wood and metal modern rustic large bookcase

3. Out of sight, not out of mind. If you have a small book collection and don’t feel the need to display it, consider getting an accent cabinet. A bookcase with doors provides lots of hidden shelf space.

Brown wood Reickwine cabinet

4. Got lots of books? If the bookcase you select can’t hold everything you want to display, consider putting identical bookshelves next to each other for a pleasingly symmetrical way to double up your space.

Lobink contemporary set of two asymmetrical large bookcases


5. Make a statement. Much like a fireplace, a stylish bookcase can become a focal point and statement piece in any room. The top of this accent cabinet is open for beautiful displays, while books and other objects are kept nicely displayed behind glass doors.

Distressed antique cabinet with glass doors and shelving


Once you start using furniture to organize your library, it’ll be easier to find your favorite book, encourage the whole family to read, and—most importantly—help everyone be more relaxed this school year!

Trays are all the rage

How to style a serving tray.

One of the biggest trends in home design this year is styling serving trays. What does that mean and why do it? It’s simple, really. It adds character to your room, it’s an affordable decorating option, and it’s fun to do. Here’s how to get started:

#1 Understand Your Personal Style

Personal style is important when styling a tray. It shows your guests who you are, and it also tells the vibe of your home. While figuring out your design aesthetic, think about the trends that catch your eye.

Are you French farmhouse or more modern? Clean or eclectic?

#2 Pick a Tray

Once you settle on a signature style, it’s time to pick your tray. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns—and we have tons of styles to consider. Here are two trays, along with a tutorial on how to tastefully accessorize them in a few different aesthetic styles:

#3 Organize into 4 Quadrants

The most difficult part of styling a tray is visualizing the look and feel that you want to portray. It’s easier to style when you break them out into quadrants or categories. These 4 tips will guide you on how to visualize and choose the appropriate accessories:

  • Quadrant 1: Reading Material – Grab a few reading materials—old books, new books, or even magazines.

  • Quadrant 2: Nature – Add your favorite flower, topiary, or terrarium.

  • Quadrant 3: Personalize – Whether it’s your favorite antique or an old knickknack, add it to your tray for a personal touch. We added vintage forks and spoons for uniqueness and charm.

  • Quadrant 4: Conversational Piece – This quadrant speaks for itself, literally. Add a unique item that will spark a conversation with your guests.

Here are a few examples:

Farmhouse and Fruits: Some fresh apples and wood carvings will make your guests’ look twice.

Modern Minimalist: A gold geometrical figure adds a unique design element to catch the eye.

Artsy and Abstract:  Spice things up by adding different heights and stacked levels for a balanced look.

#4 Style It Your Way

However you choose to style your tray, make sure it’s the style you want, made of things that you like. Also, don’t forget to try placing your trays in unique locations. For instance, on your bed, coffee table, or kitchen counter. The more the merrier!